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apodjs and ngpodjs

NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) and National Geographic’s Photo of the Day each provide a stunning photo each day. I present a couple of node.js scripts to interface with these sites, apodjs and ngpodjs, to make it easy to find or download pictures from these sources. I personally use these tools to set my wallpaper background each day to something different, and I’d like to share them in case anyone else is looking for something similar. apodjs is slightly more featureful, providing access to the entire APOD catalog since June 16, 1995, and allowing display of picture explanations. National Geographic does not appear to provide simple access to past pictures, so ngpodjs is limited to the picture of today. Otherwise, these programs share the same simple interface.

What I do

In my openbox/autostart file, I keep the following line:

ngpodjs --download=$HOME/Desktop/ | xargs nitrogen --set-zoom-fill &

Each time I log in to my computer, the script will check the National Geographic Photo of the Day. If there’s a new picture, it will download that to my Desktop folder and print out the full path to its location, which I send along to nitrogen to set my desktop background (however this method would work with any program that can set the desktop background).

When I want something different, I have an alias stored which will set the desktop to a random APOD from this decade:

alias nasa-desktop="apodjs --type random --date=020101 --download=$HOME/Desktop/ | xargs nitrogen --set-zoom-fill"