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Who I Am


Some fairly recent projects

  • PlanMe, short-term task planner
    • Give it your calendar, what you need to do in the next 5 days and how long each task will take, and PlanMe fills in your calendar such that you complete tasks on time.
    • Optionally indicate preferences such as preferring to work in the mornings or afternoons, or preferring to finish tasks right before they’re due.
  • CodeCrammer, creative code minifier
    • Reshape and minify Javascript code into fun shapes.
  • Int-en, numbers to English
    • Convert any number to English: supports scientific notation, decimals, negative numbers, and arithmetic expressions.
  • Wave, make colored sine waves in the terminal
    • Customize amplitude, frequency, color, letters, and numbers of the waves.
  • bars.svg.js, simple to use animated bar charts
    • Updating values in the chart automatically triggers animations.
  • Contributing to open source! DXR, Rust, Rice Elections, others
  • Github
  • Email: peter DOT elmers AT rice DOT edu

Thanks for visiting! :)